Soda bottle, Tape and PVC

Soda bottle, Tape and PVC

What does a plastic soda bottle taped to a PVC tube with electrician's tape say about America? Everything.

There are about half a dozen guys pulling Cat 6 computer cables through the ceilings in the office space where I work. For two weeks there have been long bundles of the blue wires filling the hallways and we've all been gingerly stepping around them.

The other day I saw a plastic soda bottle taped to a PVC tube with electrician's tape. I laughed and one of the workers, curious, asked what was funny. I pointed to the makeshift tool. He smiled and said, "American ingenuity."

And he is right. Adapt and overcome. It's the American way. It's who we are. It's the inventive spirit that has us fashioning tools from scrap to  make our jobs easier and more productive.

Today the American spirit is under attack from a big government that wants to rule every aspect of our lives. The examples are, unfortunately, so many and so common as to not need enumeration here.

The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen. How ironic in a country founded on the principle of limited government and individual liberty.

Today I suspect most people don't even know what it's like to be independent. Those not working for the government often work for big corporations: they're on corporate welfare. The corporation provides not only their salary but all their benefits.

Only half of Americans work for small business, are independent contractors or are self-employed. Hopefully that's still enough to make a difference this fall.