Giron Recall Election Information

Giron Recall Election Information

Just a few things to help you with the Giron Recall Election.

You may have received other emails with this information but we want to make sure it reaches as many Liberty Action Group Members as possible.  Please feel free to forward this to friends and family who are voting in the recall.

The Giron Recall Election officially began on Friday, August 30, 2013 with early voting.  This "early-early" voting (determined by the County Clerk at the last minute!) continues Sept. 2-4th from 9 AM to 6 PM at the County Elections Office, 720 N. Main St.  Suite 200 (Second Floor).

Regular voting goes from September 5-9th from 9 AM to 6 PM (see election centers below).

Election Day voting will go from 7 AM to 7 PM on Tuesday, September 10th (election centers below).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  You will be offered a paper ballot OR the DRE machine.  We are encouraging ALL of you to request the paper ballot.  Why? Not only are the electronic voting machines unreliable, but laws were not followed regarding machine validation procedures. Additionally, the paper tapes on the touchscreens are in voter order and make your ballot traceable back to you - no longer a secret ballot. Turn your completed ballot face down for privacy reasons when you insert it into the counter, also called the Insight machine.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Pueblo Freedom and Rights Poll Watchers are needed!  There are 11 voting centers and multiple full days of voting. You can sign up for whatever hours/days you are able to volunteer. Victor is asking for our help in observing what goes on within each of these polling places.   This information can then be reported to Victor. He will take it up with the County Clerk to see that it is corrected.  As a side note, there were two people who were PFR poll watchers on the first day.  They saw voting machines malfunction, various workers not properly identified, people being directed to use a machine to vote instead of being given a choice of paper OR machine, and much more.  The poll watcher observes and can alert the supervising judge if certain rules are being violated OR you can call Victor.  By being present the election judges know you are paying attention to voter integrity and prevention of election fraud.  And as most of you clearly know, this is absolutely CRITICAL in this election.  So PLEASE contact Victor at 307-399-8243 and offer your help.  

In addition, Republicans may offer to volunteer as a poll watcher for the Pueblo County Republican Party.  To do this, contact Pueblo County Chairperson Becky Mizel at 671-7095.



   For the September 5-10th, see elections centers below. 
You may go to any one of them to place your vote.

1. El Pueblo Museum, 301 N. Union Ave.  81003

2. Motor Vehicle Dept., 215 W. 10th St., 1st Floor, 81003

3. State Fair Events Center, 1001 Beulah Ave., 81004

4. Southern Colorado Gaming Center, 3215 Lake Ave., 81005

5. La Quinta Inn, 4801 N. Elizabeth, 81008

6. City Park Pavilion, 800 Goodnight Ave., 81004

7. Housing and Human Services, 2631 E. 4th St., 81001

8. Belmont Church of the Nazarene, 1702 Bonforte Blvd., 81001

9. County Elections Office, 720 N. Main St.  Suite 200, 81003

10. Pueblo West Library, 298 S. Joe Martinez Blvd., 81007

11. Pueblo West Fire Station No. 3, 729 E. Gold Dr., 81007

See you at the polls,
Jennifer Lorensen, fellow Liberty Action Group member