Redistricting Maps

Redistricting Maps

The redistricting maps are still being drawn and some hearings are still being held.

Regardless of public input and the rules stated unilaterally by the Colorado Supreme Court, the Democrat majority are pretty much drawing the maps in ways that will serve their party control.

Since we first wrote about this in July, it has gotten worse. Compare the El Paso County House Maps below, for example.

You can find the ongoing work of the redistricting commission here, including all of the maps.

Here is the preliminary map for El Paso County as of 7/19/11:

Now look at the map drawn as of 9/9/11:


They've totally flipped Districts 17 and 21, created a whole new district 37 in the northern part of Colorado Springs, 16 has disappeared, 15 shrunk and moved, and 20 now extends all up and down the Front Range. Why is this much churn necessary?


Now look at the gerrymandering in Pueblo County: