This is not our year

This is not our year

I was listening to Rush at lunchtime today and reflected on the fact that 2012 is not our year as conservatives, especially as Tea Party or constitutional conservatives.

And this was before Santorum made his announcement this afternoon.

Back in November of 2008 I, like many I suppose, was stunned that Barack Obama had won. I didn't think they could have cheated to the tune of 6 million votes so the victory was convincing. (Now I'm not so sure.) As events unfolded in 2009, I couldn't wait for 2012 and the chance to reverse course, to win our country back. As Rush said today, in 2010 we had a great, overwhelming and historic victory with, as he said, over 700 Democrats being ousted across the country. It was enough to put our finger in the dyke and prevent the worst from happening.

We had always thought, I suppose, that in 2012 we would succeed in reversing course. What we didn't count on then or now was the resistance from the Republican establishment. They view the current situation as just another election cycle and now it's "their turn" again. They still haven't figured out that a fundamental shift has taken place in the country.

The left has and they're in full emergency mode. Their problem is that they haven't come up with another good yet deceptive strategy to win. They can't come out and say "Socialism Now!" so what do they say?

The problem for conservatives in 2012 is that between the progressives in both parties, the conservative candidates have been sidelined. The new crop of rising conservative stars need time to become experienced for 2014, -16 and -20. This is not our year to elect a Ronald Reagan or a Calvin Coolidge.

It is a disappointment, to be sure. But consider: if we continue to focus on state and local races, we will continue to make great strides--even greater than 2010. We are taking over the Republican party faster than the left took over the Democrat party, faster than the Progressive movement took over both parties over a century ago.

Keep the faith. It will happen. It's just going to take a little longer than we thought.