Tea Party Values Predominate at GOP State Assembly

Tea Party Values Predominate at GOP State Assembly

Yesterday I highlighted some issues of particular concern to Colorado.

There were a number of other issues in the list of resolutions of nation-wide impact, including some that could only be described as Progressive, such as support for civil unions. These latter failed.

Some notable results on grassroots conservative/libertarian issues:

  • Support was strong for retaining the caucus process as is. A resolution to greatly modify the existing system to allow all voters to participate was defeated.  In recent years, legislators have wanted to scrap the caucus process in favor of a simple democratic voting primary process, citing a lack of participation. Participation has not been a problem in the last two election cycles. Participants seemed to recognize the value of a process that elects knowledgeable and interested activists.
  • Repeal of campaign finance laws was strongly supported. Current law restricts free speech and gives the advantage to established politicians. The laws were passed in 2002 with bipartisan support.
  • Term limits for all members of Congress was approved. The suggested method was Constitutional amendment.
  • Audit the Fed was approved by a wide margin.
  • Disapproval of ICLEI/Agenda 21
  • Proof of eligibility to vote (both citizenship and residence)
  • Traditional marriage
  • No public funding for abortion
  • Secure the border, oppose illegal immigration

The entire results with vote count can be found at the Colorado State GOP website. The results show overwhelming support for Tea Party and libertarian values of limited government and maximum freedom--what might be called fiscal and economic conservatism. The result is more mixed when it came to social issues.