Jerry Denney Running for HD-46

Jerry Denney Running for HD-46

This week Jerry Denney announced that he is running for House District 46 in Pueblo.


Jerry is an activist with the Liberty Action group in Pueblo and has been involved with both political parties over time. He's worked in the steel mills. He is certainly one who can connect with the people of his district. I'm thrilled to learn that he's running.

Another activist who knows Jerry well writes:

"Mr. Denney is one of Pueblo's finest. He knows what it is like to work for a living. He understands the working man. For the first time in a very long time here is a real grassroots, blue collar, former union member who has gotten his hands dirty and calloused from hard work. He will represent District 46 well. He is well known and well liked among the working class because he is one of them.

Democrats who have automatically voted for a Democrat just because that person was running for office as a Democrat must rethink their position. Mr. Denney does not fit the mold of Democrat or Republican. He is the little guy's candidate. His education is the school of experience and hard knocks.

Leroy Garcia is one of the upstart elites being groomed by the silver haired socialists to bear the torch for more government and taxes. Democrats better look at who really is the candidate of the common folks because it certainly is not Garcia."
Here's a link to the Pueblo Chieftain article on Jerry's announcement.