Vote Marsha Looper for HD-19

Vote Marsha Looper for HD-19

Marsha Looper has represented the eastern part of El Paso County and her constituents love her.

Marsha won the majority of the delegates to the County Assembly and so her name appears first on the ballot.

She does not raise money from special interests. She is down to earth, accessible and very knowledgeable. An IT programmer by trade, she is more like one of us than like the politicians and lobbyists in Denver. She not only reads but studies and researches the bills. Other legislators come to her for information and advice. She is endorsed by a number of current and former legislators, activists and ordinary people. Just look at the testimonials posted on her web site.

District Attorney Dan May supports Marsha for her work with him on the Veteran's Drug Courts. This program, the first in the country, helps rehabilitate returning veterans rather than simply throwing them in jail. It has been very successful.

Other prominent supporters include former senators Tom Wiens and our own Dave Schultheis; Maj. Gen. Gar Graham, who chose to support her rather than run himself; Tom Tancredo and many others.

Go to the Colorado Union of Taxpayers' website and see how well Marsha is rated in terms of limited government and responsible spending.

When many in the Republican Party rejected the grassroots movement as competitors, Marsha welcomed us as partners. This is the kind of representative we need in House District 19.

Please vote Marsha Looper for our state representative.