Tuesday's Election Results Good for Liberty

Tuesday's Election Results Good for Liberty

Liberty candidates in Colorado continue to advance in the elections process.

Of all the candidates I mentioned on my candidates blog page, only one (Marsha Looper) was defeated and one (Lu Busse) is yet to be determined, due to ballot issues in Teller County.

Marsha's loss was a tough one. She is a champion of liberty, endorsed and supported by a wide range of both elected officials, activists, and ordinary citizens.

Lu Busse is less than 500 votes behind in Douglas County, with the ballots not yet counted in Teller. Lu is a staunch 9-12 activist and has spent a lot of time studying the issues and advocating for liberty at the capitol.

Meanwhile, three great conservatives won primary challenges for the state senate: Randy Baumgartner, Owen Hill and Vicki Marble. This bodes well for the senate Republicans to remain the bulwark of conservative values it has been.

The House, too, will become at least somewhat more conservative with Justin Everett, Dan Nordberg, and Janak Joshi. The later two didn't have primary challenges and Joshi returns to the House in a new district.

Additionally, although I don't track them here, I know of quite a few new conservative wins at the county commissioner level.

Voters are mesmerized by the presidential elections every four years and 2012 just became even more critical with the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare yesterday. But we must also focus on the local and state elections: this is the starting lineup for the national scene and also the place where the right laws or the wrong ones can have tremendous influence on our lives.