Shadowy Democrat 527 committee attacks Michael Schlierf

Filings at the Colorado Secretary of State
Shadowy Democrat 527 committee attacks Michael Schlierf

A lesson in how Democrats skirt the system

The 527 issue committee Priorities for Colorado has targeted Republican Michael Schlierf with a series of vile personal attacks. One ad Photoshops his face in an ornate portrait and proclaims him “President of the Flat earth Society.” Another pictures him riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex while a third Photoshops his head on a body that looks a lot like in John Travolta in Grease, showing a purported membership card.

What has he done to earn this opprobrium? They claim:

That Michael wants to put guns in the hands of felons: Michael actually wants to keep guns in the hands of citizens. Democrats have encouraged felons to vote in their new voting law.

That Michael is against alternative energies: Michael is COO of Solargreen Technologies. How could he possibly be against what he’s doing? It is Democrats in Denver who are doing their best to shut down Colorado’s oil and gas industry.

That Michael would drain funds from Medicare and Social Security: as a state legislator, Michael would have zero influence on those federal programs. It is in fact the Democrats in Congress that drained Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

That Michael “denies” that there is a pay gap between men and women. The fact is that most of the pay differences between men and women can be explained by differences in experience and education. Except in the Obama White House, of course, where women staffers are paid 13% less than their male counterparts—according to no less than the well-known conservative newspaper The Washington Post.

It is doubtful that the writers of these scare-mongering ads have the faintest clue of who Michael is or what he stands for.

So who are they, anyway? They are a 527 issue committee which, by law, has very little in the way of accountability. They don’t have to report who their contributors are.

Most of these organizations are created and dissolved in the very same election cycle and several are shut down before any official financial or data reports are required. The Wells-registered groups that do last long enough for mandatory filing with the Secretary of State often fall into delinquency because of missed deadlines, late submission, or absent reporting altogether.

The glue holding these organizations together is Julie Wells, a Kentucky woman who is the registered agent for more than 62 groups since 2006 raising and spending millions to benefit Democrats.

Out of Wells’ registered organizations, only four of them still remain active and in good standing. The rest have been voluntarily dissolved, with her average group lasting just over a year and a half. Over half a dozen delinquencies have occurred across a variety of her organizations and she has been threatened with noncompliance by the Secretary of State more than once.

The stated purpose of Priorities for Colorado is “To educate and inform voters regarding candidates for the state legislature, primarily supporting Democrats and opposing Republicans”.

The word “primarily” is apt because another of her 527 groups, “Protect Colorado Values,” ran ads in the Republican primary this June designed to boost the chances of Tom Tancredo for governor.

Not only are they consistent in attacking Schlierf but they also use the exact same claims in the exact same words against other Republican candidates.

Throw enough mud and some of it will stick.

And there is plenty of mud to throw around. The committee has collected over $1.7 million in contributions this year and spent $1 million. This committee is up to date in its reporting, routinely filing at about 10:30pm on the date the report is due.


These kinds of organizations and expenditures overshadow spending by actual candidates. Thus, in the District 18 race, Democrat Pete Lee can sit back and let Julie Wells slime his opponent for him.

He can, but what honorable man would?