How to Read The Federalist Papers

How to Read The Federalist Papers

How to Read The Federalist Papers is a relatively short and highly readable introduction to The Federalist Papers, the argument for and explanation of the Constitution.

In the Introduction, author Anthony A. Peacock highlights the structure of the 85 papers that make up the Federalist Papers. He then gives brief notes about the three authors: John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. John Jay was a New York lawyer and was acquainted with Hamilton since before the revolution. Madison and Hamilton both fought in the Revolutionary Army and attended the Constitutional Convention. Madison is known as the father of the Constitution not only because he attended the convention, but also because of the notes he took of the daily discussions. The overall plan of the Federalist Papers was Hamilton's.

The book is in Heritage's First Principles Series and originally published in 2010. There are useful quotations at the end as well. At $7 from Heritage, it's a steal.

How to Read the Federalist Papers
Anthony A. Peacock
The Heritage Foundation

ISBN 978-0-89195-135-3