An inauguration full of hope—and irony

An inauguration full of hope—and irony

A new era in America begins—but some just haven’t gotten the message

There’s an expression in the military: No matter what, 10% never get the word. Friday, January 20 was a day eagerly awaited by many and yet dreaded by those on the left who still haven’t got their head around the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election. What follows are some impressions of events, by the numbers. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, of course, so there is commentary to give them context.

Number of people watching the inauguration: 31 million

Number who watched Obama’s second inauguration four years ago: 20 million

All true, but Trump’s respectful tweet about that (“very good ratings from four years ago”) drove the media nuts. Why, Obama pulled 37 million viewer 8 years ago! Also true, but not relevant unless you’re the left-wing press determined not to be upstaged.

Missing fact: the all-time record was Ronald Reagan’s first inauguration at 41 million viewers.

Length of Chuck Schumer’s introduction of Chief Justice Roberts: 5:30 min. Number of words: 600+ Moments of applause: 1

Length of President Trump’s inaugural speech: 15 min. Number of words: 1400+ Moments of applause: 35.

It was obvious to all but Schumer who the assembled crowd had come to hear.

Oddly, Schumer spent much of his time reading a letter from Sullivan Ballou to his wife, written before the Battle of Bull Run in 1861. He intended the story to be a tribute to Ballou’s example of self-sacrifice in defense of what he believed in. Ballou deserves our respect. Or was he urging Democrats to fight Trump to the death?

What Schumer didn’t say—and he can be forgiven as his speech was already inappropriately long—was that Ballou was a Republican who served in the Rhode Island legislature before going to war. Ballou was disgusted with both the Democrats who were pro-slavery and the Whigs who couldn’t manage to come up with an anti-slavery platform.

Missing fact: In the winter following the battle, Confederates dug up the body of Major Ballou and desecrated it. When Rhode Island Governor William Sprague went to repatriate the body in March 1862, it was nowhere to be found.

Number of people at the Million Women’s March in DC: 500,000

Number of people at the Tea Party Rally 9-12-09: 2.1 million

The press is happy to report the former number and even inflate it by counting protests occurring at various other locations around the country. For the Tea Party Rally, official estimates were forbidden by the Obama administration and the press vastly under-counted them. The 2.1 million figure was arrived at by photogrammetry techniques and published in the UK.

Missing fact: nobody ever counted the numbers of people marching in other places on 9-12-09.

Number of people arrested for rioting in DC on January 20-21, 2017: 209

Number of people arrested for rioting in DC on January 20, 2008 and 2012 combined: 0

It’s a funny thing how the left, who claim to be the party of peace, love, and inclusion, take to the streets, destroy things and attack people when things don’t go their way.

Missing fact: the last time Conservatives took to the streets and rioted: 1774.

Finally, perhaps the most odd fact of all:

Number of Hitler sightings in DC by liberals: 1

Number of Hitler sightings in by conservatives, ever: 0

Leftists seem to have a supernatural clairvoyance to see Hitler hiding behind every bush. Maybe that’s because Hitler and the National Socialists were the mortal enemies of Stalin and the Communists in the 1930s and 40s—so everyone who disagrees with them must be a Nazi. It makes sense in their world.

Ashley Judd at the Women’s March: “I feel Hitler in these streets.”

Perhaps she was looking at some of the photos below:

Smashing windows, reminiscent of Kristallnacht

Black-clad rioters, reminiscent of Hitler’s SS.

Judd might be right. If not Hitler himself, there is definitely evil in the streets.

Under-reported fact: Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. The draining of the swamp has already begun.