Only we can stop the madness

Only we can stop the madness

Democrats and their media allies are like a pack of rabid dogs.

The news from Washington, D.C. gets crazier by the day. It seems, according to breathless reporting by the press, that the president can do nothing right. Just do an internet search on “Trump” and “ketchup” to confirm his latest blunder. Add it to the Democrats’ list of “high crimes and misdemeanors” he has committed.

There was a real fake news joke going around last week that parodied CNN coverage of the president: “Breaking News: The White House reported that President Trump had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sources inside the White House told CNN that he actually had ham and eggs. We’ll get to the bottom of this breaking scandal.”

Life imitates art. It also goes to show that the real humor these days is to be found in anonymous internet email chains and not on late night talk shows, where the so-called comedians are just plain rude and crude. Colbert’s audience even (mistakenly) cheered when the host announced Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey.

Silly rabbits! The narrative had suddenly changed 180 degrees and nobody told them.

If all this sounds like a giant Alinksy-style plot, that’s because it is. Consider his Rules for Radicals:

#5 "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

The problem is, it actually has to be funny.

Then there is the most obvious Rule:

#13 "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

That is, of course, exactly what they’re trying to do with President Trump. Trump took on a powerful opponent when he chose to expose the bias in the mainstream press. Coverage of him has been 89% negative according to Media Research Center; Harvard just confirmed it with a study that says 80%.

But that’s not all. Democrats have suddenly discovered the Constitution in applying this rule:

#4 "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."

If Republicans can impeach Clinton for lying, then by golly Democrats are going to conflate every statement Trump utters as a lie. Why, the “Russia [non-] scandal” is treason!

In their eagerness to stop the Trump agenda, Democrats have forgotten this rule:

#7 "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag."

People are increasingly tuning out the mainstream media. And well they should: They’re tired of the constant negativity.

Trump is quietly making progress on the campaign promised he made: and that’s the real story and the real issue for the left. It’s not about the left applying Rules for Radicals in some sort of calculated way; it’s just who they are. Unlike preceding generations of Democrat politicians, they don’t know any other way to act. The Democrats are composed of and funded by radicals who seek, as Obama famously said in 2008, to fundamentally transform this country. It’s not a vision most American want. When it comes time for elections, the Democrats must resort to negative campaigning and character assassination. They have no positive agenda.

What of Republicans?

These radicals only have any power at all because Republicans can’t unite. Republicans have the biggest concentration of power since the 1920s—since before the Great Depression, the New Deal and the Progressive take-over of government. Why can’t Republicans unite?

This is the battle we asked for. This is the goal we fought the Tea Party Revolution for: to restore constitutional government in Washington, D.C. We’re there. Trump is making progress rolling back regulations and countering the disastrous policies of the Obama years.

Like cornered animals, the Democrats see their worst nightmare coming true and are united in trying to hold back the inevitable. G.W. Bush didn’t roll back the progressive agenda—he added to it. Not since Ronald Reagan have we had a Republican president ready to dismantle that agenda. And Reagan didn’t have Congress: Trump does.

Imagine the “damage” he can do to the socialist, progressivist, globalist agenda. This is what Republicans need to do. Unfortunately, too many elected Republicans have a personal stake in the status quo. Too many have entered the swamp of Washington politics only to be consumed by it.

Those of us who still believe in the Founding vision of America still need to fight. Electing Republicans to control all three branches of the federal government and the majority of state governments was not enough. To ensure government by, for, and of the people, the people must remain engaged.

If we don’t have the spirit to carry on this fight, why did we engage in the first place?

We have the power. Let’s use it: the radicals can’t stop themselves, but we can.