Combatting the left’s stranglehold on popular culture

Combatting the left’s stranglehold on popular culture

Colorado’s Christian Toto shows how

One of the more delightful sessions at the recent Western Conservative Summit was that held on Friday afternoon by Christian Toto, a journalist specializing in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He runs his own website, Among other things, he does a “Hollywood in Toto” segment on Friday’s Michael Brown show on 630 KHOW.

Like PJ Media, Toto is one of a small band of conservative media critics. In the old-school Marxist model, the “commanding heights” of a country was the economy; following the Frankfurt School, today’s postmodern leftists have taken a commanding position over the culture.

Toto’s session highlighted some of the specific ways they influence today’s entertainment industry and gave some ideas about how to combat it.

If you watch television, for example, you notice how every series now must have a gay character. There’s also not-so-subtle plot lines where the way the bad guy turns out to be a greedy, unscrupulous businessman or the terrorist is a white militia type. That’s no accident.

In fact, Toto explained, former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control group is actively working with Hollywood to make sure their anti-gun message is inserted into television series. They work with the Goodwife series. They worked with the Designated Survivor series until the leftist propaganda eventually killed it.

Saturday Night Live is no longer a comedy show; it’s a rehash of the new s cycle. It’s purpose is to reinforce the narrative, Toto said.

Toto’s commentary is good because he has an encyclopedic knowledge of everything that goes on in the entertainment industry. He comments on the artistic merits of the movies he reviews more so than highlighting their biases. He is incredibly versatile.

So how do we combat the left’s seeming stranglehold on the culture?

He gave four concrete ideas. First, support the growing amount of right-leaning art. The movie 13 Hours was excellent but not enough people saw it. Patriot’s Day was also a good movie, but a box office flop. A new movie, Little Pink House, about the KELO decision on eminent domain, promises to be good. Go see it.

The second thing is to weaponize social media. Mock the liberals when they say stupid stuff, as they invariably do. They hate being mocked, he says. Use Twitter especially.

Third, don’t support liberal products. The left has been organizing boycotts against conservative businesses for a long time—usually unsuccessfully, as with Chick fil a. Although he didn’t mention it, there’s a conservative site that calls out left-wing businesses like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s 2nd Vote. They have an app for your phone.

Lastly, he would have been remiss had he not included a plug for his website and for people like him.

And he knows everyone who is working alongside him to remake the culture. He had collected a number of suggestions from them which he read. Two stood out.

Kurt Schlichter, the bitingly humorous columnist from LA for Townhall, said that the walls are coming down and nothing is stopping us from hastening the process.

Michelle Malkin said that the narrative is everything. We see that today with the leftist narrative on the manufactured border crisis. Read, she says. Read the Bible and the classics. Learn the art of storytelling.

And by all means, before you decide to go see a movie, check out Christian Toto’s review of it.