The corrupt FBI: Obama's real legacy

The corrupt FBI: Obama's real legacy

He may not have been the Antichrist, but he was Machiavelli’s Prince.

The long overdue firing of the FBI’s assistant director Andrew McCabe Friday is hopefully a good sign that justice is finally returning to the Department of justice. The public has been treated to a long string of leaks, lies, half-truths, and hidden partisan agendas coming from the FBI—much of it originating with McCabe. It is a tale told by a group of partisans, full of sound and fury. But it is significant.

Kevin McCullough writes in Townhall today about “the coming bloodbath.” In one Hemingway-like sentence he summarizes the real collusion in the election of 2016:

“It involved Russians, a British ex-spy, law firms, FBI agents, DOJ attorneys, an FBI director that prejudged evidence, an Attorney General that had an unethical meeting with the spouse of a target, FISA warrants obtained on faulty information that stemmed from political sources, a Deputy Director whose wife received monetary support in an election, an FBI director who lied to Congress, an FBI Deputy Director who lied to the Justice Department’s Inspector General, loads of classified materials that were mishandled and criminally passed to those without clearances, and partisan hacks spearheading inquiries aiming for political outcomes.”

This much should be obvious to the casual observer. The informed observer can name names: Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Jill McCabe.

What these people all have in common is that they are partisan Democrats appointed to government positions whose loyalty is to their party first and their duty to serve the American people in a just and unbiased manner a far distant second. McCullough continues:

The scope of this collusion is overwhelming, the attempts are a damning indictment of political operatives that have lost all integrity, and sadly an administration, a major political party, and agents of a deep state that attempted in a wide sweeping number of ways to undo an election that they lost.

This is Obama’s true legacy. He did not fundamentally transform America, but he did go a very long way toward the transformation of the federal government.

It was little remarked on following the 2008 election that the incoming Obama administration was reviewing the records of everyone appointed during the Bush administration. Put in Soviet terms, it was a purge.

The incoming administration had an application form for anyone wanting a job. It included questions such as “Do you own a firearm?” Put in Soviet terms, it was a loyalty test. Only people who could prove their ideological bona fides need apply.

This was the creation of the deep state, loyal to the Party first. It continued for eight years. It was not limited to the executive branch. It included elected socialists in Congress and an increasing number of judges, including two Supreme Court justices.

While Donald Trump has replaced Barack Obama in the White House, many those others remain in the federal government. That’s the real collusion that Kevin McCullough writes about.

It’s bigger than the FBI, but it is visibly surfacing within the FBI.

What is being attempted amounts to a coup from within the government, aided by a press that daily attacks the president in concert with the opposition party. It is not hindered by a Republican Senate, which has allowed Democrats to impede the new administration’s appointments.

If McCullough is right, McCabe’s long overdue firing will be the first of many as the wheels of justice grind on. It must be, if the rule of law is to be maintained.