Greg Lopez wins Colorado gubernatorial straw poll at 2018 Western Conservative Summit

Greg Lopez wins Colorado gubernatorial straw poll at 2018 Western Conservative Summit

Reverses result of April's Assembly

Results of the 2018 Western Conservative Summit Gubernatorial Straw Poll are in and the Republican winner is Greg Lopez with 39 percent of the vote. Walker Stapleton was the runner-up with 36 percent. Victor Mitchell was third at 17 percent and Doug Robinson was fourth with 8 percent. The Democratic winner resulted in a tie of 0 percent for Donna Lynne and Jared Polis.

More than 2,000 attendees from several states filled out ballots over the two-day conference. Results were announced at today’s closing session of the Western Conservative Summit held at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. Attendees included conservatives, members of the faith community, volunteers, Tea Party activists and community and business leaders and students.

In all, 3,000 people bought tickets to one or more days of the two-day event.

The ballot offered choices for both Republican and Democrat candidates who were listed on the primary ballot. The Western Conservative Summit ballot included:

REPUBLICANS: Greg Lopez, Victor Mitchell, Doug Robinson and Walker Stapleton.

DEMOCRATS: Mike Johnston, Cary Kennedy, Donna Lynne and Jared Polis.

Electronic voting was administered by Approval Voting USA and allowed voters to vote for their preferred choice as well as to cast votes for multiple candidates they felt could be electable. Multiple votes for the same office are not allowed in the primary or general elections in Colorado, so the results cannot be applied to predict election results.

Noted speakers at the Summit included: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions; EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese; Colo. Sen. Cory Gardner; Colo. Sen. Ken Buck; N.C. Rep. Mark Meadows; Iowa Rep. Steve King; Dana Loesch; Candace Owens; Ainsley Earhardt; Charlie Hurt; Charlie Kirk; Frank Gaffney; Kyle Kashuv; Diamond and Silk, and many more.

All of the Republican candidates addressed the convention.

The 2018 Western Conservative Summit is presented by Centennial Institute, a public policy think tank affiliated with Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colo.

Colorado’s primary was changed in 2016 with the passage of two ballot initiatives. In addition to party-affiliated voters, unaffiliated voters in Colorado may receive the primary ballot of either the Republican or Democrat party. This is significant because registered voters in Colorado are split almost evenly into thirds between Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated.

The straw poll result reverses the result of the GOP State Convention where Stapleton beat Lopez 44-32 percent. So-called “approval voting” was not used. Doug Robinson and Victor Mitchell are wealthy businessmen who by-passed the assembly process and got on to the ballot by circulating petitions.

Primary ballots were mailed this week and must be returned by Tuesday, June 26.