Protest of Supreme Court Masterpiece decision fizzles

Protest of Supreme Court Masterpiece decision fizzles

Supporters of Jack Phillips outnumber protesters 28:1

Friday afternoon, supporters and opponents of Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of baker Jack Phillips’ right to exercise his religious freedom gathered to make their opinions known. After the opinion was released, local LGBT activists announced a protest rally for Friday on Facebook. Over 1,000 people responded that they would come.

Supporters of Masterpiece Cake Shop decided, later in the week, to rally as well.

Phillips himself went to Washington, D.C. to be present there for the announcement. Afterwards he went to New York for interviews. The shop was closed during his absence. There was a sign on the door explaining the closing. Jack said Friday that supporters had written notes of support on the announcement. Unfortunately, LGBT activists wrote obscene threats on the paper as well.

Because of the volatile situation, the U.S. Capitol Police called to see if their support was needed. In the end, seven Lakewood police were on the scene.

Supporters arrived first. There were about 700 of them, some carrying flags and others signs.

Supporters of Masterpiece Cake Shop rally outside shop:

Only about two dozen LGBT protesters showed. There was no violence.

After the rally, supporters bought out the store, or, as the reporter from Denver 9 put it, “everything that wasn’t nailed down.”