Power or Principle in El Paso GOP?

Power or Principle in El Paso GOP?

Sarah Anderson Calls for County Party Chairman Eli Bremer to Release Details from Closed-door Meeting

The real travesty of July 7, 2011 at the El Paso County Republican Party Headquarters in Colorado Springs was not the sham trial conducted in a secret closed-door meeting. That portion of the meeting was a witch hunt with a predetermined outcome. Much rumor, intrigue and speculation swirls about the happenings simply because they were made secret by a decree of the Chairman, not by a vote of the members present.

It was not that a Party, which screams Unity! from the rooftops, would leave elected officials and precinct leaders--along with many who they might have been able to bring into the Republican Party had they been more open and hospitable--out in the rain to follow a fire code that, if it exists, has been broken many times in the past, one that was only adhered to at the last minute for this meeting.

It was not about an organization that claims 100% accountability and transparency to the people who are part of it, then completely shuts their voices out of the process.

No, the real travesty of the July 7th meeting is that all of the above was used to distract WE THE PEOPLE from the power play made that night in the open meeting, against the clear definition and plain text of the By-Laws of this Party, By-Laws which had been given such attention on that night by the Chairman before certain sections were entirely disregarded when convenient.

As with many power plays inside the Republican Party here in El Paso County, it was done using smoke & mirrors and diversion, without giving full information to the voting members, all while ignoring requests and questions for clarification and additional information. It was rushed through to avoid actual careful thought being given to the motions on the floor.

Now the El Paso County Republican Party has an unaccountable and non-transparent pay-to-play Donor Directed Fund governing its finances, in clear violation of the By-Laws and common sense. In an abdication of their duties under the By-Laws, the majority of the Executive Committee has over-committed this Party to pay a salary for someone hired outside of the By-Laws that the Party can't afford--all while we wait on the promise of money coming in to take care of this from the Donor Directed Fund: but not until at least in November, when it is finally formed. Pinning hopes on promised money is not being fiscally conservative, and spending beyond our means is what got us into the financial mess this County Party was in at the beginning of 2011.

This behavior cannot be allowed to continue. In order to win in 2012 and defeat the elitists in Washington and in our own state, the voting public needs to once again be able to trust this Party. Unfortunately, thanks to the actions of a Chairman and the majority of an Executive Committee, we are moving in the wrong direction. Voters are tired of having to vote against someone or for the lesser of two evils; they want to have someone to vote for, someone to trust in. We can't have that if this Party keeps violating that trust. And we absolutely cannot win when we alienate, ignore and push out portions of our voting base in order to purify the big tent Party of Reagan.

All over this nation, from Pima County, Arizona to the East Coast, patriots are rising up to fight a battle that transcends Party lines: it is big government establishment versus liberty-minded activists. This is not about Sarah Anderson. It's about a larger movement.

In order to have the promised 100% accountability and transparency, I am calling on our Chairman, Eli Bremer, to release a statement regarding the secret meeting to put that hubbub to rest. I also ask that the State Party Chairman, Ryan Call, release a statement to publicly clarify his position as to whether or not a county Party Officer gives up their ability to publicly hold politicians of all parties, but particularly our own, accountable when they stray from the Republican Party Platform after they are elected.

While I am the duly elected El Paso County Republican Party Secretary, I did not relinquish my right to speak freely with that election, and I don't leave that right at the front door of the El Paso County Republican Party office. My opinions‚ and right to express them‚ are my own. I do not speak on behalf of the Republican Party, just as I have not previously spoken on behalf of the Party.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the El Paso County Republican Party Secretary since my election on February 15, 2011. Just like that day, after winning an overwhelming number of votes, and every day since, I continue in my pledge to uphold the By-Laws of the El Paso County Republican Party. I am committed to this Party, it's By-Laws and the platforms and principles of the GOP‚ and that is why the events of July 7 concern me so gravely.

As the chief clerical officer of the Party, I don't just take notes: there are many responsibilities to the job of Secretary, including being responsible for reports after Organizational Meetings, Caucuses and Assemblies to the State Party, Secretary of State and County Clerk and Recorder. Political Parties in Colorado are organized under State Statute, making them State Authorized Rule-Making Boards, and making the Officers of this Party Election Officials (because of our work with the Caucuses and County Assembly).

I am very proud to have helped clear up a campaign finance fine with the Secretary of State's office to help get this Party back on the right financial track, and am looking forward to continuing my work with Precinct Leaders to help train and work alongside the foot soldiers of this Party.

I am overwhelmed and eternally grateful for all the support I received before and since I was elected, and I look forward to all of your continued support and help in the political arena. I am honored by the trust that the Central Committee Members have in my ongoing commitment to the principles of this Party and I look forward to continue my hard work that will help to ensure the election of principled leaders.