I Am Created Equal Launches in Colorado Springs

I Am Created Equal Launches in Colorado Springs
July 4, 2012, Colorado Springs – I Am Created Equal, a new non-profit corporation organized as a 527, will launch its first radio ads in Colorado Springs next week.  I Am Created Equal’s thought provoking ad campaign is designed to reach out to Unaffiliated women, through radio and TV ads, during this election cycle.

"Both sides of the aisle understand that appealing to women is the key to winning this election,” said Laura Carno, founder of I Am Created Equal.  “We are eager to challenge a common narrative that women are dependent on the government for their success, equality, and well being.  But the truth is, women are interested in the basics—jobs, taxes and how big government is impacting their lives at home and at work.”

"The President’s campaign implies that women should vote for the President for re-election because he will give them equal rights.  What the President fails to acknowledge is that the government doesn’t give us our rights.  They simply are our rights.  We just want the government out of our way,” continued Carno.  “Colorado is a swing state.  Our electoral votes are critical to the success of our next President.”

I Am Created Equal will be running TV and radio ads throughout Colorado during this general election season.  The initial radio ad can be heard here.


Laura is no Julia. Brava!

For more information, please visit www.IAmCreatedEqual.com.  For questions or an interview about I Am Created Equal, please call 719-492-0211.