On Being a Dissident

On Being a Dissident

In this series from the Hoover Institution, Russian anti-Soviet dissident Yuri Yarim-Agaev discusses what it means to be a dissident under communist rule.

Under Soviet rule, being a dissenter--a dissident--was transformed from a verb into a noun that defined who you were. Very much like denying Obama's birth certificate makes you a birther and not agreeing with global warming makes you a denier. The Marxists in this country have learned well from their Soviet forebears.

Notable quotes:

If you are not ready to die for standing for...for being dissident, you will be broken. Your only weapon is [your] resolve. The KGB knew this, they knew to diagnose how strong you are.
Yuri: What can give you readiness to die for that cause? [It] is not moral imperative: you have to live through communism, through the denial of good and evil.

Moderator: was it an "evil empire?"

Yuri: "Absolutely"