Useful Idiots and How Not to Be One

Useful Idiots and How Not to Be One

The term "useful idiots was attributed to Russian dictator Vladimir Ilyich Lenin describing intellectual idealists persuaded to adopt communism. With a fait accompli, that is, getting the socialism job done, with their intellectual idealism and resulting supreme disappointment and being dangerously reactive, these UI would have to be eliminated -- executed, killed.


Wikipedia explains how Lenin, "useful idiots of the West, described Western reporters and travelers who would endorse the Soviet Union and its policies in the West.

From, following the question, "Why This Web Site?: "Useful idiots is a name no group of people would like to be called. It is however, what most Americans are relied upon to be by the powers that be. When the voting segment ... allows itself to fall for the same old word games and mind manipulation, it sadly earns the title of useful idiots ... too many Americans are naive about their political system and its politicians ... America is a land of plenty. Plenty of food, plenty of money, plenty of gods, plenty of corrupt politicians and alas, plenty of useful idiots that repetively (sic) vote for them.

From five million Coloradans, 65 House and 35 Senate members emerge to serve public office in the State Legislature. They take an oath to support the Colorado and U. S. Constitutions. This is their only required oath -- not to their constituents, the government, their political party, nor the citizens, voters and taxpayers of Colorado, not even to their families or themselves. Just to the rich heritage, words, meaning, expression, majesty and magnificence of those documents.

Question: How many elected officials have read both documents, before or after entering office? (Have you?) The oath presumes familiarity with, understanding of, and a full, recent read and determination to honor them. Otherwise it is easier to create, cultivate and control useful idiots.

Officeholders are protected (by you?) in this ignorance. Those who voted them into office may also be useful idiots. They have little familiarity, interest or knowledge of those magnificent documents whose power is to contain and control only the government, not the people.

Once public officials, they are in intimate contact with the system -- elected colleagues, special interests, partisan political parties, government bureaucracy and employees, bond dealers, lobbyists and friends of same, and far removed from those who sent them there.

The Legislature meets for 120 days creating legislation presumably to make Colorado a better place. However, officeholders limited political, economic, business, financial, constitutional and governmental acumen put them at the mercy of the true, long-term professionals, well-paid, who know how to manipulate people, opinions, legislative bills and votes.

With accompanying spotlight and applause, many of these useful idiots can be persuaded to perform in ways anathema to what they otherwise would want done, or perhaps more importantly, not done. They sponsor, sign on to, and/or support bills that on their face violate their oath of office and the Constitutions.

Examples of the Useful Idiot Dodge -- UID -- are abundant. Colorado executive, legislative and judicial branches too often misapply, misinterpret or ignore the Constitution when it threatens their agendas or very existence.

Good job, useful idiots, on the some of the more egregious legislation enacted by the General Assembly when a power-hungry and derelict Democratic Majority in the House, Senate, Supreme Court and Governorship existed:

**FASTER legislation politically morphed an in-fact tax increase into a re-defined automobile fee increase to obtain more revenue, and avoid submitting it to the electorate, in compliance with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR), Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution (Find/read it on the Internet).

**The General Assembly could have put on the ballot a gasoline tax increase. But no. Instead, this UID was an intentional end-run around TABOR, depriving taxpayers of their constitutionally-guaranteed power to accept or reject this or any tax increase.

**The General Assembly enacted a mill levy freeze to increase tax revenue to the schools, to provide the general fund more money to spend, again a tax increase without a vote of the people, a UID for a billion dollars over the next ten years.

**The next accomplished TABOR-forbidden UID target, was the 1992 Bird-Arveschoug six percent growth limit to the General Fund, conservatively interpreted and highly respected for 17 years, and now plundered to allow for easier, less confined state spending.

**In 2009 the UI even attempted to throw Colorado nine electoral votes into a consensus pool of other states, making null and void the Founder concepts. The 223-years-old Electoral College was crafted to protect the small versus big states. Requiring a consortium of states to support one national candidate/party is a Useful Idiot Dodge that shrinks the power of Colorado voters. Is there no limit, have they no shame?

William Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar, "The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. That the tragic tale of today "useful idiots. While in office they allow themselves to be conned into legislative actions that are long-term anathema to what their Founders and Freedom Documents, their children, grandchildren, even themselves; and unborn, unrepresented generations in the future would want. But once in, laws stay. Good job, Useful Idiots.

Conversely, realization is how legislators and citizens – that would be YOU -- can get beyond being useful idiots. They first realize the Founders created a system of limited government and
self-governing people, repeat that, the Founders created a system of limited government and self-governing people; that government is to protect the peoples rights and property; that its financial impact was not to overspend, overtax or over borrow; that its Founding Document, the Constitution, was meant to control the government, not the people. When the people put in place an amendment to the Constitution, it is not up to the legislators to flail it to oblivion, but to respect and abide by it. Inconvenient, frustrating, difficult? Deal with it.

Question: How can one avoid becoming or being a useful idiot elected official or citizen? Six steps:

1. Read, understand, know, preserve and protect America and Colorado Freedom Documents -- Declaration of Independence, Constitutions and their incredibly important Bills of Rights. Lesson: Master the basics, the fundamentals of a successful society.

2. Build your knowledge and understanding of history fundamentals -- its ideas, philosophies, ideals, events and actors, heroes and villains. "Who knows only his own generation remains always a child, is chiseled on a building at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Lesson: Grow up.

3. Read. Watch. Listen. Think. Understand. Lesson: Get and stay informed.

4. Quit being a civics dropout, constitutional illiterate or citizen slug. America Republic (not "Democracy) is not a spectator sport. Lesson: Become aware, interested, informed, concerned, involved and active in what is going on.

5. Share your information, knowledge and concern. America educational system leaves too much out. On many talk shows I told listeners that too many Americans are "dumbed down, numbed up, tuned out and turned off. We need to turn them back on, to a country and future of Freedom and destiny. Lesson: Share true personal Freedom and political Liberty.

6. Seeing a useful idiot committing a UID, pounce on it. Lesson: It up to you; it all up to you.

Endnote: The term "useful idiot is not meant in any way to disparage, deprecate, defame, denigrate, demean or demonize the word "idiot.

Fred Holden is public policy specialist, speaker and author of the citizen power manual "TOTAL Power of ONE in America: Discover What You Need to Know, Why and How to be a More Powerful Person and Citizen. Fred and wife Dottie have lived in Arvada 40 years, with three daughters and six grandchildren.

Reprinted with permission. Originally published in May 2011 issue of The Patriot Today.