Celebrate Independence!

Celebrate Independence!

On this 236th Anniversary of the publishing of the Declaration of Independence, let us celebrate Liberty and remember our roots as we have not remembered them in a long time.

The Declaration is the statement of our Founding Principles. We are the only nation in history built on principles, not on an ethnicity, a ruler or a ruling class. The principle is simply that we as human beings have fundamental rights that governments cannot take away. This is the essence of American Exceptionalism.

The Heritage Foundation has a good blog post this morning titled "Does the Declaration still Matter?" Of course it does--at least to American Patriots. To Progressives, not so much. To those who want to fundamentally transform America, it is a stumbling block.

All the more important that on today of all days we read and understand the Declaration.

I've written a post about the Making of the Declaration at the Washington Times Communities and I recommend it to you.

If you head on over to the Liberty School page, I've uploaded a pdf of the Declaration suitable for printing.