Amendment 66: a definite No!

Amendment 66: a definite No!

Amendment 66 is a huge tax hike that will produce nothing in the way of education reform, nor will it improve education for the children of Colorado. What it will do is redistribute dollars to Denver area school districts at the cost of a 27% permanent tax hike. It will also create a two-tier, so-called "progressive" income tax whereby success is punished. It is bad policy and absolutely the wrong way to go in this bad economy.

The Independence Institute's education policy analysts have produced a variety of materials, some of which I link here:

Constitution scholar Rob Natelson wrote an op-ed about the absolute constitutional nightmare Amendment 66 is, titled Amendment 66 mutilates state constitution, enriches greedy bureaucracy.

Ben DeGrow penned a fantastic overview article on Complete Colorado's Page Two, appropriately titled, Rather than Amendment 66, How About Some Real Reform?

If you're interested in the dollars and nonsense, I2I scholars have written two important papers about Amendment 66. Linda Gorman's fiscally focused Issue Paper titled, A Billion Dollars Worth of Bad Ideas: The Amendment 66 Tax Hike Leaves Kids and Teachers Behind, Harms Colorado's Working Families, Enriches a Broken Bureaucracy is great companion piece to Senior Education Policy Analyst Ben DeGrow's Issue Backgrounder titled, Amendment 66: Unfair and Overpriced. Linda's will give you the low down on the enormous financial burden a billion dollar tax hike will be on our state, while Ben's focuses more on the lack of education reform in the A66 bait and switch.

There's more. Amendment 66 is one of those huge bills the Democrats have been passing which are intended to transform the way government works. There are so many bad things in these bills that it is hard to classify and comprehensively list them all.

A PowerPoint presentation by I2I gives you a quick graphic overview of the worst parts.