Constitutional Champions

Constitutional Champions

What a great week this will be. The 912 PPP Constitutional Champions Kids Camp opens Monday Morning! The Planning is done, the educators are ready, the volunteers are fired up, the fife and drum corps is warming up, the guest speakers for the parents are ready, the Boston Tea Party boat is built and we have right at 60 kids who will be participating. 60!

We want to thank every 912er for their support and every volunteer for the extraordinary effort they all have made to ensure this is a successful event. To date, they have put in over 524 man-hours for this effort. It just goes to prove once more what a great group of people we have in this community.

As you know, the camp starts at 9 AM Monday morning at Rock Ledge Ranch and runs through Thursday. We will be posting pictures from camp on the website as we get them along with updates each day. 912 PPP has its regular meeting the evening on the 13th at the Colorado Springs Christian School and we will have a wrap up of the first three days activities and comments from those directly involved.

We also want to thank our guest speakers who are taking time from their busy schedules to participate in our parents program:

Kent Lambert, Colorado State Senator, District 9
Jarred Rego, US Congressman Doug Lamborn's office
Peggy Littleton, El Paso County Commissioner, District 5
Paul Lundeen, State Board of Education
Lu Busse, 9-12 Colorado National Liaison
Laurie Bratten, State Capitol Liaison
Dwan Rager, 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots
Bob James, 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots

Education is a primary function of the 9-12 Project and this program would not have be possible without everyone's support and hard work. We will restore America. One person, one child, one day at a time.

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