Constitutional Champions Find True Power

Constitutional Champions Find True Power

Day 3 of the first Constitutional Champions Camp in Colorado focused on the Constitution of the United States - its drafting, the preamble, separation of powers, checks and balances, Bill of Rights, more on the First Amendment, and even more on freedom of speech.

John Adams, Betsy Ross, and Reverend George Whitfield enlightened three scores of children and many parents during the opening ceremony at the picturesque Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs' Garden of the Gods. The volunteer teachers again offered fun and memorable ways for the campers to learn that the Constitution grants the most power and rights to the individual, not the government.


The kids are not the only ones learning and having fun during this patriot day camp. Ten to thirty parents, depending on the day, have participated in their own lively discussions with El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton, Colorado School Board of Education Member Paul Lundeen, State Senator Kent Lambert, and U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn's aide, to name a few of their speakers. The Congressman is busy with the federal debt ceiling fight in Washington D.C. this week so the organizers and parents agreed that he had a very good excuse to send a stand-in.

Interestingly, the majority of these campers' parents home school their children. Don Rodgers, co-organizer of The 9-12 Pikes Peak Patriots, who are hosting the camp, commented that the parents' program has been a great learning experience for everyone, parents, elected officials and volunteers, because the participants have been asking excellent, probing questions and the speakers have provided open, direct responses. Each morning has offered an intimate town hall meeting with the elected officials and 9-12 volunteers answering any and all questions in a candid and detailed manner on a wide variety of current topics. Some of the officials even stayed longer than scheduled to answer more questions and listen to the give and take with the next speaker.

As these parents demonstrated and as their children learned today, the true power of the United States, Colorado, and local governments rests with the People, who have the right and the obligation to govern themselves. No wonder the founders super-sized "We The People" in the original Constitution.