Jeffco Teachers Union Goes Too Far

Jeffco Teachers Union Goes Too Far

Campaign CoordinationGolden, CO For ten years, JCEA has owned both sides of the negotiating table on the Jefferson County School Board.

It appears as if during this election cycle, that the unions also own the campaign communication for their union backed candidates. The August 29th 2011 issue of JCEAs Insight Extra Edition illustrates how the union is using tax-funded school resources meant for students in order to achieve their political agenda, and to maintain control of the billion-dollar budget meant for the students. The highlight of their message:

"Remember that this Board election is about protecting your contract and owning your profession!"

Lakewood high school principal, Mr. Ron Castagna, sent an email to the school's mailing list aiming to correct "glaring mis-information being spread concerning Jeffco Schools and Lakewood High School," a clear reference to campaign rhetoric. Is it appropriate for a public school principal to use district resources and promote the message of union-backed political candidates? Is this a blatant abuse of the confidential information parents share with schools?

From the featured video on the front page of the school distric'ts website and the related just the facts and questions and answers fliers, to using school resources for campaign coordination and direct communication to voters, is this an appropriate use of taxpayer resources meant to fund education? Is this ethical? Is this legal? Is it the job of the school district to perpetuate the message of deceit for political gain?

The photo above shows campaign coordination between the Jeffco Democratic Party and the Dahlkemper and Fellman campaigns--completing the triangle of union, party and district.

What do the union backed candidates Jill Fellman and Lesley Dahlkemper know of this activity? Isn't it interesting that literature being distributed by Kids Come First a Pat Stryker-funded independent expenditure committee, point to the web page of the school district where just the facts can be found?

Nowhere in these communications are the students put first: That's because it's really all about protecting contracts.