Fighting Enemies Within

Fighting Enemies Within

America is at war within its own borders and Americans must fight.

It is a civil war fought not with weapons, but with the truth of our founding documents, with the power of our convictions, and with resolute non-violent courage of words and deeds in the face of pure hate. It is a war of ideas and a war we cannot lose as long as we stand unafraid and together. However, quick victory is not certain and the dangers are many. The enemy is strong, well funded, highly organized and it has a plan. A plan to incite the radical extremists to rise up from the bottom forcing the radicalized governmental top to come down on those trapped in the middle.

As soon as Americans by the millions stood up and said, enough is enough the attacks began. They came wrapped in the tried and true tactics of the Anti-American radical left; call decent people racist and they will cower, demonize the majority of Americans as an extremist violent minority to diminish their power and they will be silent, claim mothers who differ politically want children to starve and they will back down. To the shock of the radicalized left, this time few responded with fear or silence. The times had changed. The usual attacks no longer worked. Americans had had enough.

As Americans no longer cower in the face of false attacks, so now the tactics of the radical leftists have changed. The attacks based on lies still fly from their mouths, but today the attacks are violent, threatening and fully sanctioned by co-opted and no longer Democrat Party. As Bob Beckel, Democrat strategist and Fox contributor, defends the murderous and racist Che Guevara , as the hate filled words of the CBC claiming ordinary Americans want to see fellow American citizens hanging from trees is largely ignored by media the attacks grow more intense. We see an unrepentant AFL-CIO head and friend of President Obama, giving orders to take out mothers and fathers who care deeply about their children's futures. We see the attacks grow sharper and more dangerous. The difference in these new attacks is they are not for the consumption of the usual targets. This is not just hyperactive emotionally charged political rhetoric. Those few true radical revolutionaries who have no fear of using any means necessary to achieve the final transformation of America are whom the violent and purposeful words are aimed. The White House, through silence, is giving permission for the final political and ideological war on America to begin.

It is a war designed to destroy an America built of the values and principles boldly given to the world by our Founders. True American values based on the law and a morality giving the individual great power and even greater responsibility in exercising that power. Power acknowledged by the Founders as coming from God in inalienable rights. It is power that comes from the truth of humanity as master over government, responsible to one another and subservient to God. These are the values and principles of Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Washington and the many other brave men and women who prepared to sacrifice all for the truth in our founding documents. These are not values based on religion, but based on faith in the true power granted to man. Those are the values and principles to be destroyed for the darkness of total government to reign; a government of man; not of law, a government of control; not freedom, a government based on fear, not truth. It is good versus evil.

It is a plan decades in the making, but a plan destined to fail. The enemy while strong is also weak. It is weak in spirit and devoid of truth. They have no understanding of what makes a true American and what makes true Americans invincible. The Spirit of America is enduring and the truth everlasting.

A dangerous time is upon us, but time and truth are on our side.