Obama and his Teleprompter

Obama and his Teleprompter

An interesting thing happened at President Obama's recent non-political, campaign bus tour

to North Carolina and Virginia, two states that are extremely important to his reelection in 2012. A truck waiting for the president's arrival and containing expensive audio equipment and Obama's teleprompter was stolen.

That got me to thinking about whether Obama could get along without his teleprompter. But I quickly realized that he don't need no stinkin' teleprompter. When he is out on the campaign trail, he is in his best form, his most natural form.

While speaking on his recent non-political, campaign bus tour he didn't need a teleprompter to blast the GOP jobs plan, accusing Republicans of wanting dirtier air and dirtier water.

Nor did he need one, on the same non-political, campaign bus tour, during a lunch stop in Marion, N.C., when he said nothing, meaning to make it sound like something:

In response to a local lawyer who had asked Obama to reduce government regulations, the president responded that his administration was working to reduce burdensome regulations. But, always leaving wiggle room, he was quick to add: Now I got to tell you, there are some regulations that make sure our kids get safe food, so we got to balance that. So what had he really said, or to what had he truly committed? Hint: nothing!

Even away from non-political, campaign bus tours, Obama has been out on the non-political, campaign trail, where he has been pumping up college students with impassioned pleas for help.

In September at North Carolina State University, the president shouted to the students, If ya love me, you gotta help me pass this bill.

In October at the University of Colorado in Denver, he implored students there, "I need you active, I need you communicating to Congress, I need you to get the word out, as he told them about plans to help with their college loan debt.

With or without a teleprompter, scripted or unscripted, Obama is in a perpetual campaign mode. He never stops political posturing.

Obama is quick to blame the Arab Spring, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and economic uncertainty in Europe for the poor U.S. economy, but he never considers that it is his own failed policies that have massively exacerbated the admittedly bad economy he inherited from Bush.

And now the president's advisers are hoping that Americans, when they vote next year, will see Obama as Mr. Likable. They want to paint him as a regular guy, mixing in with the local folks on his non-political, campaign tours.

He does have a charming personality, disarmingly so, but don't be fooled. Behind that charming personality is a dangerous political ideologue. And it is his narcissism that makes him incapable of accepting blame.

It must not be forgotten that Obama was trained in Saul Alinsky's methods of community organizing. Recall that Alinsky's methods include the building of a power base that can be used to destroy the existing society and its economic system; and he preached that the ends justify the means.

Indeed, Obama was himself a trainer in Alinsky's methods.

And certainly don't forget Obama's huge connection to ACORN, a consummate community organization with socialist, redistribute-the-wealth objectives.

Obama and his handlers think that American voters are stupid and gullible. We must prove them wrong in 2012.