Good Ideas but Too Little Action

Good Ideas but Too Little Action

Fair Tax, Flat Tax, Repeal the 17th Amendment and End the Fed! All great ideas you will hear whenever talking with Liberty Group members. What you do not hear much of is how to bring any of this about.

The truth is these are all lofty, but very long-range goals. America's ship is large and its rudder is broken. It will take many years of political and moral restructuring to get her pointed in a direction that facilitates implementing any of these good ideas. In fact, the way they are treated today makes them more distraction than solution.

We talk of these ideas as academic exercises with little thought of what must occur first to accomplish them, the time lines needed to implement, and without considering the current political environments we must operate in. Instead of working together, we break into opposing camps; conservative or libertarian dooming any progress to bickering over political philosophy or seeing it bogged down in paralysis by analysis. Prioritization or real feasibility never enters into the process. Neither does the tactic of incrementalism: something used successfully by radical anti-American extremists to the near ruination of America. We can get most of what we want over time, but too often demand all or none.

We debate and we accuse one another of Constitutional impurity instead of finding areas of agreement to attack successfully. As an example, Can the US tax code be changed? Not as a short term goal as the tax code is a political weapon wielded by Washington and is too entrenched to escape from immediately, but nothing says Colorado cannot have a flat, fair tax or no state income tax, if that is what we want. [Ed note: Arizona recently implemented a revenue-neutral flat income tax.] If an idea has merit and can be shown to be a success, over time it will spread nationally.  What needs happen to achieve it? Libertarians, conservatives and Tea Party members only need join forces and elect those that agree and force the legislature into action. What we disagree on is of no consequence in achieving success. We have the numbers, but lack the organization and patience to achieve long-range goals. Just look at the 2010 Owen Hill race against John Morse and the damage done by Libertarian and conservatives failing to join forces.

Can we End the Fed or repeal the 17th Amendment? Perhaps, once America's rudder is repaired. Many other things are possible long before that time provided we stop thinking in the terms of politics and start acting politically.