The Tea Party at Three

The Tea Party at Three

This past weekend marks the third anniversary of the Tea Party, the 9-12 organization and Liberty Movement in general. Here are some remarks I made Saturday at the Pikes Peak 9-12 celebration.

I am full of confidence and optimism. Consider the events of just the past week.

In El Paso County, grassroots-supported, liberty-oriented candidates beat three establishment types at the county convention. Another withstood a challenge from an establishment-supported challenger and others ran unopposed. Six incumbent establishment types were challenged; several failed. This did not happen even in 2010.

And it is not just in El Paso County. In Elbert three sitting Republican county commissioners are being challenged. In Douglas and Jefferson Counties, in Ft Collins. Jared Polis in CD2 is being challenged by not one but two Republicans, and even Scott Tipton, who beat liberty candidate Bob McConnell in 2010, is being challenged. I'm sure there are more.

As I said in the fall of 2009 to some RNC staffers, this isn't politics as usual. This is a fundamental shift in the political landscape, equivalent or greater, I hope, to the Reagan Revolution. They didn't believe me.

The second big thing this week is the Supreme Court consideration of Obamacare. It is shaping up to be a great conservative victory. Consider this commentary from the Washington Times:

"The push [to narrow the commerce clause] is being led by a new type of conservative that has emerged in recent years, scholars say. These conservatives emphasize what the Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution and want the court to interpret the commerce clause as it did before 1942."

That new type of conservative is us. It's the Constitutional Conservative although it is not new at all. I've heard Michelle Bachmann use the term but it goes all the way back to Calvin Coolidge and Howard Taft. By the way, there's a new biography of Coolidge coming out in June. Imagine that!

We have redefined what it means to be a conservative--and that's huge. We have redefined what it means to be a Patriot. Before we win at the ballot box, we must win the war of words. Prior to 2009, we weren't even on the field; now we're leading the charge.

That's not to say that we don't have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. An electorate capable of electing a Barack Obama is not an electorate capable of self-government in the way that the founders envisioned. Electing the right leaders and even reforming government is only a stop-gap measure until we also reform society.

Last night I held a division meeting. We're going to organize or district not for June, not even for November, but for the longer term. Nobody there wanted to just win in November. Some were just getting started in this movement. Reinforcements are coming in all the time, just as Patriot forces converged on Boston in the late spring and summer of 1775.

We are on the right trajectory and the 9-12 movement is leading the way. Happy Birthday, Pikes Peak Patriots!